A survey of Sawatari souvenirs

Bath powder

This is bath powder of Sawatari onsen. You can enjoy an onsen in your own home.

Kibi Daifuku

This is a soft, round rice cake stuffed with sweet bean jam. Daifuku is sold at Nakaya-manju in Sawatari Onsen town. There are light yellow grains baked into the cake which go well with the sweet bean jam. There are mixed sets of both daifuku and onsen manju available.

Natural honey

Natural honey is available at Hayashi Market.

Cooked sansho (Japanese Sichuan pepper)

Cooked sansho is available at Komeya Market when in season. The leaves are found growing wild around Sawatari. This is a precious and fragrant delight.

Ginko nuts

Ginko nuts grow near Sawatari shrine and on the nearby mountain. When washed and fried, they turn a beautiful emerald green. They can be eaten as they are, steamed, or cooked in a variety of ways.

Salt pillow

A souvenir available at Yamatoya Market, this is a pillow stuffed with one kilogram of salt. It can help those who suffer from stiff shoulders and headaches.