Japanese home-milled soba noodles

"Fresh-milled, fresh-kneaded, fresh-cooked"

Fresh-milled, fresh-kneaded, fresh-cooked: for soba connoisseurs, this is the pinnacle of soba freshness.

The picture above is of “Yoshinoya soba” a local specialty. This soba is eaten with dipping soup made from milled sesame and walnuts. There are other delights here as well, including curry and rice, and other meal sets. The menu items change with the seasons.

Don’t forget coffee time in Yoshinoya

The soba soft-serve ice cream mixed with black honey is a special treat. For those with something stronger in mind there is soba shochu - an alcoholic drink mixed with soba tea. Also, Yoshinoya has a tea-time set that has coffee, tea, or a soft drink served with homemade pastry.


Open 11:00am to 7:00pm
Telphone number 0279(66)2007
Web sight http://www.wind.ne.jp/mikiya/yoshinoyapage.htm