Indulge in the environment of the countryside

Climbing Mt.Arikasa

Allow yourself three hours to climb to the top and back. The course from Arikasa Mountain Inn connects two points to the east and west. This scenic course will allow you to experience the beautiful nature of the mountain along its various routes. There is a cave that was used as a dwelling place for ancient indigenous peoples.

Some take on the challenge of rock-climbing on a protruding rock face. Caution must be taken, however, as this natural formation may prove dangerous. Climb at your own risk.

Explore Sennin cave

Round-trip time 1:45. The entrance is one kilometer from Sawatari town. You can enjoy a view of the forest road until the junction to Sennin Cave and Sennin Falls. There are rest houses and benches. It takes two hours to see both the cave and the falls. The cave is longer and deeper than it looks. Still more, the cave branches off elaborately. Some say it continues all the way to Niigata. Be careful not to go so deep you can’t find your way back.

View of Kirifuri falls

Round-trip time 70 minutes. Built under a rock overhang, Oiwafudo Temple is truly something to see. It is also close to the beautiful Kirifuri Falls.

There is a stream and a path that has great views no matter the season. Wild Japanese goats forage here sometimes.